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Wacoal is a manufacturer of women's lingerie and underwear, founded in 1949 in Japan by Koichi Tsukamoto. Today, the company has divisions in North America and Europe, and manufactures the brands Wacoal, b tempt'd, Eveden, Fantasie, Freya, Elomi, and Goddess. They have a bra model aptly called Fantasie. It's supportive nature is not fantastic!

An unimpressed buyer shared in a review "I bought this because I've been recommended the Fantasie side support bras a few times..and it was also on sale. It's a miss, though. Quick review: Band was a bit snugger than I had expected; still a loose 36 though. Cups are wide and kind of shallow. Gore didn't even come close to tacking. I'm actually not sure what shape this bra is really meant for. I got a weird upside-down 7 shape in it, the bottom managed to not have enough space while looking almost flatly horizontal (how?), I had in-cup padding under the lace, and yet the lace still gapped. Very strange, I've never had a bra fit like this before."


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Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This is hands down the worst environment I have ever worked in. While the customers were kind and the store was clean, my coworkers were actively hostile. They would not do their jobs--going so far as to lie on the task checklist about doing tasks that they hadn't--and they would actively shout abuse at me in front of customers. The final incident before I left involved a night where a coworker was yelling abuse at me, to the point where I was nearly in tears in front of a customer. I stepped outside and called the general manager to report harassment, and the manager hung up their phone after less than a minute, without listening to my report of harassment. This took place in front of cameras and at least two customers, and the management did nothing. Cons: Abusive workplace, uncaring management"

Cashier and Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"You’re paid 8.46 to clean up explicit bodily fluids, lube, spit, used condoms, and all kinds of unimaginable stuff. You make these huge sales to customers as well and you’re paid so little. DONT risk your health!!!!"

Clerk (Former Employee) says

"It is a relaxed place to work give it that! But when it comes to management and having to step up as the boss very poor! He has attitude issues takes his anger out on his employees and will terminate you for anything at all! He is the kind of manager that will send you a schedule with you off and then make a new one and say you did a no call no show! I truly think the company would run a lot better if there was someone in there that actually knew how to run a store and knew how to be a managers well"


"I have been working at Fantasie Salon and Spa Cons: Greedy, unethical, shortsighted owner. Bogus positive reviews"

Mrs F says

"I purchased a bra that the website claimed was 'In stock' and then the following day I received this message from them: 'We are writing to update you on your order for a Fantasie Helena bra in Nude. We had hoped to have received stock of this item from Fantasie but on checking today it would appear that the item is currently in manufacture and they can't give us a specific delivery date. This could take longer than 2 months. We are very sorry about this and can't always predict when this will happen. Please will you let us know if you would like to choose something else from our website. We do have the bra available in Black or White as an alternative. Kind regards, Lazeme Customer Services' They are clearly selling items that they do not keep in stock and only order them in from the manufacturer when a customer places an order for a item. I was very annoyed as I only ordered the bra from them as the website clearly displayed 'In Stock' for the bra which was a total lie. I left a 1 star review for this company on their website which they have removed. So not only do they sell items they do not keep in stock but they also remove any sort of negative feedback, choosing only to display 4/5 reviews. So don't be mislead by their 5 star feedback, it false!"

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